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OverPower Dictionary


  • Ally: A special type of universe card that works like one too
  • Artifact: A new OP card introduced in Classic OP


  • Battle: When you start the fight
  • Batman & Super Man: A DC exspasion
  • Beyonder: A special character card releaed only in the OverPower Legion magazine


  • CCG: refers to Collectable Card Game
  • Character card: The main card also known as Hero card
  • Concede: To forfit the battle


  • DC OverPower: Second to join the OverPower CCG
  • Discarding: When you can't use a card any more you discard it


  • Energy: A power type that is a yellow energy burst
  • Errata: An offical correction
  • Expansion: A set of cards to come out in addition to OP
  • Event: A card that specializes a happening


  • Fighting: When you start the battle


  • H

  • I

  • Inheartit Ability: A special move that allows a character to use that ability
  • Intellect: A power that has a shape of a blue head
  • IQ: The Marvel expansion set first to come out with intellect characters (Most expensive)


  • K

  • L

  • Location: An OP card that is used either as a battle site or a home base, you can use the inharit ability on Home Base or place Characters (Heroes) on it as a Battle Site


  • Magic: The Gathering: When combined with a lighter, I makes a perfect OverPower ritual
  • Mission card: A card that is used as betting
  • Mission Control: A Marvel Expansion set
  • Monumental: A Marvel Expansion set


  • O

  • OP: Short for OverPower
  • Original: Refers to the first OP expansion
  • OverPower: The greatest comic CCG ever!


  • Place: To take a card and put it on a Character
  • Power Card: A basic card of attack or defence
  • Power Surge: A Marvel Expansion set


  • R

  • Renege (ree-nege):
    1. To go back on a promise or commitment
    2. Cheating done on purpose made to look like a mistake or accident
    3. Breaking the rules


  • Strength: A power type with a symbol green weight icon
  • Stalling: Wasting or delaying time on purpose


  • Tactic DoubleShot: A special card that works like a universe card
  • Teamwork: A special type of universe card


  • Universe card: A card with inhertit abilities to increse power cards


  • Venture: When you dicide how much mission cards you want to "bet"


  • X

  • Y

  • Z

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