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All around deck
All around deck

Ghost Rider, Invisible Woman, Morbius, X-Babies


Ghost Rider-6E,6F,6S,2I=20;May only be Spectum KO'ed by 4 power types
Invisible Woman-6E,4F,3S,6I=19;Team is +2 to venture total
Morbius-5E,3F,6S,5I=19;May only be cumulative KO'd by 30 or more points
X-Babies-5E,5F,4S,1I=15;May NOT be secturm or cumulative KO'd by power cards

Techincal stuff:

  • Locations-
    Homebase-Marvel Manhatten~After each battle, I can remove 1 placed card.
    Battlesite-Avenger's Mansion~Capt. America, Hulk, Vision, Black Widow, Thor

  • Missions-
    Infiniy Gauntlet~No Events

  • Positions-
    Ghost Rider, Morbius, Invisible Woman, and X-Babies in reserve

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