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What ya need to know:
[1] Cursor = Pointer = Mouse Picture
[2] All Things that have to do with the mouse (including where to change the curor images) can be found by clicking START > Settings > Control Panel > Mouse
[3] MOST microsoft cursors are found in "C:\WINDOWS\cursors"
[4] "Static" cursors are cursors that are NOT in motion (basically just a picture) used mainly with the main cursor
[5] "Animated" cursors are cursors that are in MOTION (mostly busy or working in background cursors)

OverPower Cursors
Name/DownloadDescriptionPreviewSizeMade by
Island Cursor Pak 1Features symbols of OverPower Static and Animated cursorsPreview YES3KBRazor - OP Island
Island Cursor Pak 22 cursors, spinning OP symbol & changing stat iconsPreview YES6KBRazor - OP Island

Cursor Program - 948KB