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Fightn' Deck
Fightn' Deck

Longshot, The Reavers, Sentinels, Wolverine


  • Longshot-3E,7F,4S,3I=17
  • Reavers-5E,7F,6S,3I=21
  • Sentinels (Sacrifice hero)-7E,5F,7S,1I=20
  • Wolverine-2E,8F,5S,4I=19
    -Total:77*remember* a homebase makes it legal

  • Technical stuff:

  • Locations-
    Homebase-Outback~The Outback team's Intellect Power Cards are an additional +2 to Venture total when they hit
    Battlesite-Latveria~Dr. Doom, Silver Surfer, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing

  • Speacil notes-

    Opponent's team is -2 to venture total~Curtacy of Longshot
    Positions-Reavers, Sentinels, Wolverine and Longshot in reserve

  • Mission-
    Age of Apocalypse-Events~Rebel Forces Regroup!; Move all mission cards currently in the lost missions pile into the reserve missions pile.

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