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OverPower sites:

#OverPower IRC - Owned by Brak and Jonslaught, #OverPower on Superchat IRC
OverPower Exhibit - Owned by: Brak, this is the kinda site you would visit at least once every 2 days. Very Up2date
Charlotteville OP club - Owned by: The Club, great for buying Cheap OP and trading
OverPower Place - Owned by: GDMJR, For sure visit this everyday. Anything you want is here
Jeff's Page O' Cholatey Goodness - Owned by: HankPym, Good trader, good site
Good Traders Against Bad Traders (GAB) - Owned by: A heck of a lotta people, help the fight against them devil dealers
Logan's Lair - Owned by: Logan, Scans, info and trading
Magog's OverPower - Owned by: ||MAGOG||, Trades, lotta neat stuff to look at
The National OverPower Lab - Owned by: NOPL team, Jolly good site
OverPower Celler - Owned by: Lobo, hey!! not a bad site...
OverPower Legacy - Owned by: Calamari, My good friend's great site. Major idea house
OverPower Pond - Owned by: Psyduck, Ha... hehehe....
Planet OverPower - Owned by: ZeroFaith, knows his stuff
twinz inc. OP - Owned by: twinz, Great job in keeping the OP spirit
Spiderdan's OP page - Owned by: Spiderdan, trading post, quick download
Web Headed Wizard's OP - Owned by: WebHead, Find the pics of all the OP characters here, not very up-to-date
West Coast Empire - Owned by: Jonslaught, nice...

If you have a site and you want it on the list, please e-mail me
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