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OverPower Decks

This is my own deck, I'm not saying this is the best or anything. I am simply posting up my deck idea.

I wanted to make a deck with some of my favorite heros

  • Wolverine IQ- Energy: 2 Fighting: 8 Strength: 5 Intellect: 4 = TOTAL = 19
  • Captain America IQ- Energy: 2 Fighting: 8 Strength: 4 Intellect: 6 = TOTAL = 20
  • Omega Red IQ- Energy: 6 Fighting: 7 Strength: 5 Intellect: 2 = TOTAL = 20
  • X-Babies- Energy: 5 Fighting: 5 Strength: 4 Intellect: 1 ~ Inherent: May not be spectrum or cumulative KO'd by power cards = TOTAL = 15
  • -=GRAND TOTAL=- [74]

  • Locations
  • Homebase- Marvel Universe ~ Inherent: Opponent's team is -1 to venture total per battle
  • Battlesite- Avalon ~ Activators: Magneto, Bishop, Colossus, Prof. X, Cable, Acolytes

  • Missions
  • Age of Apocalypse
    -Martyr for the cause: All hits in the permanent record of all front line heroes are moved to the permanent record of one front line hero.
    -Strategy Destroyed: Discard all placed cards
    -Mutant rebels held captive!(error): No strength power cards may be played this battle
    -Rebel forces regroup!: Move all mission cards currently in the lost missions pile into the reserve missions pile.