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OverPower Today

Death to OverPower?
Feb. 21

It is in my opinion that the new CCG based on Marvel Characters (going to be made by Wizards of the Coast) is going to mean that it will draw a wild crowd.
This means that probably the OP players will be swept away and drawn into this new game.
Since this a probably going to be a result from the new X-Men Movie more people will be interested in this game, thus making OP look really old and boring.
Though there might be a chance that this game will be compatible with OverPower, it might render the game too weird.

The Fallen has Risen!

OverPower Unlimited Mailing list!
As a result of the OPA collapsing, OverPower fans world wide can rest assured that the legacy is now brought alive by none other than Mike & Tony Alberts, AKA: the twinz!
Be sure you sign up today!
twinz inc. OverPower
The King abdicates his Throne!OverPower Dead??
Thats right! Already effective, OverPower King
Gary D. Martin Jr.
Has said goodbye to the OverPower mailing list
The OverPower Alliance
and announced his parture to the OverPower CCG
Seem like most OverPower pages are ghost pages?
Even Brak has shown certain disinterest into the card game.
I have no idea whats going to happen but I hope that OverPower stays alive
mainly because it's a great card game with lots of cartoons on them :)
I will continue to update my site.