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What the?!?!

Messed cards? or just limited imagination...
Better ask Drax
Drax: The Destroyer!

Suspected voice of the OverPower Exhibt owner, Brak
IsthisBrak.wav [814 KB] - In this file the character is signing a song, probably NOT sober (drunk)
DON'T worry there aren't any swears or anything...

When asked if the song was sung by him, he replied "No Comment"
Later he said it might be him. Brak did not even download the file to see what it was...

First off we take a look at two DC Universe: Training cards:
#1-View it
Did it seem normal enough? yeah? well then take a look at:
#2-View it
So now do you get my point? NO?

Warning: Spoiler-
Okay, They're both smashing thou a wall!! Brute force, two stupids both clobberin' though something, One convining people he's saving the world, the other just a Un-Intellible THING having fun destroying stuff.