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Building a good strong team

Why does your team keep getting KOed after the first round?

Well think nomore! Just remember the main words of these tips:
  1. Equalize your team
    -Have characters that can support each other

  2. Put "dummies" on your team
    -Have characters like Onslaught or Thor on your team, because you know what the opponent's first hit will be! let them hit those "dummies" thats what they're there for!

  3. Use some characters for only there speacils
    Maybe your "dummie" has good speacils, use them like: Teammate may avoid one attack

  4. Make your team out of a homebase
    -It might not have your favorite character on it but you can use its inheirit! and all of the location's team are legal no matter if it is over 76

  5. Use Locations
    -I don't mean just homebase's inheirits or a battlesite's charaters, I mean think of ways that they can be more than that. Keep in mind that only one one per deck maybe used on a battlesite

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