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Haveing a little trouble winning a game of OP?

This is the right place!!!

Some key tips:

  1. Let some cards hit
    -You can't defend all the other guys hits! Let a character be sacrificed if you have to then on your turn waste your oppenent with a 12 or something!!

  2. Keep good cards in your deck
    -If your team has only one character with 8 energy then don't put too many 8 energy cards in your deck!! cause when he gets KO'ed you'll have to discard all your 8's in your hand leaving you with worthless universe cards and no power cards

  3. Place well needed cards
    -Don't place a speacil and then on your next turn get the same one, expect the unexpected...

  4. Venturing
    -Remember that if you venture more than 2 cards the opponent gets to draw an extra card so venture wisly, usually people have a card to reverse ventures anyway so I never venture more than 2 missions

  5. I'll be back with more tips....
    -See ya next time!!

Building a good team