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Offical OverPower Rulings
In PLAIN english!

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Offical rules are posted at the Offical OverPower website

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Offical Corrections | Stalling | I hope you know...

Offical Corrections:
  • Super Kill- If you can manage to Spectrum AND Cumulative KO a character, that character is dead no matter what inherent, artifact, special or anything!
  • Any-Character / Any-Hero- Unless it says somewhere else, you may only use AnyCharacter special cards only if you don't have a battlesite
  • FFP Cheapo fixed! - From now on, if you use the Four Freedoms Plaza location card as a homebase, you can only move the attack from the opponent if you can Block the attack. BUT! you can only block the attack with Power cards, Basic Universe cards, Training cards, DoubleShot cards, etc. You CANNOT activate a card, use a special, etc.
  • 7-AP- 7 Any-Power cards are One Per Deck
  • Mistaken Allies- All versions of Ally cards which state that a teammate "MAY make a follow up attack" should read "a teammate MUST follow up"

  • Stalling:
    A player should never be rushed. Although if it is obvious that he/she is just trying to delay time.
    It is an offical form of cheating.
    For example, a player can stall using two Characters with the BQ Special. This could create an endless series of playing and retrieving cards from the Dead Pile. Play the first BQ to go get the second. Then play the second BQ to go get the first again. Then repeat.
    This can get to be irratating and at this point you should call over a judge, or if you are just playing for fun, you should give your "friend" a taste of the back o' your hand.

    I hope you know that...:
    In addition to regular venturing rules,
    If you venture 2 missions from the completed missions pile and win, you can ALSO move 1 mission from the Defeated Missions pile into your completed missions pile.
    Keep in mind that this is just a bonus and you can still move 2 missions from the defeated missions pile into your reserve missions pile.

    Need help on a word or term? Check out my
    OverPower Dictionary